Termination of SWITCHcollection by January 1st, 2016

Low usage and the availability of alternative services has led to the decision to shut down SWITCHcollection at the end of 2015.

Videos currently hosted on SWITCHcollection will be made available on SWITCHtube. For all other content we recommend the use of SWITCHdrive.

Feel free to contact us should you need support in moving your content.

SWITCHcollection - National Learning Object Repository

The learning object repository (LOR) is a national library of reusable learning objects like courses, modules, images, video clips and text documents contributed by Swiss universities.

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GCB Slam 2017, Full Length

Physik 1 Einführung

Populismus in unserer globalisierten, mediatisierten Welt - eine Gefährdung der Demokratie

Tagung Chancen(un)gleichheit und Schulentwicklung